No Need To Mug Your Muse to Get Past Writer’s Block, Just Push A Button For Instant Inspiration

Writer's Block

So, writer’s block sucks. Know how sometimes when you sit down to write, your fingers can barely keep up with the gushing stream of words flooding from your mind? Then other times, it’s like the scene from Seinfeld where George and Jerry are trying to write a script for their pilot… and they’ve got nothing.



Jerry: We’re dead.
George: We’re not dead.
Jerry: We are dead.
George: Come on. We got all day tomorrow to come up with a story.
Jerry: All day tomorrow? We had a month and a half to come up with something and we didn’t do anything.
George: So we’ll do it tomorrow.

We laugh because it’s true. Writing is great… trying to write is horrid. That’s one reason writing prompts are such a godsend.

What If You Had To Come Up With 192 Blog Titles Tomorrow?

My writing firm produces 192 blog posts a month, give or take. That’s 192 opportunities for writers to lose their minds trying to come up with yet another interesting angle on HVAC, personal injury law, and plumbing (we do a lot of posts in these niches).

Worse, most of those 192 blog titles actually come from one person, my titan of titles, Sara. See, it’s much easier for the writers to write if they’ve got a writing prompt – or in our case, a title. It’s like how if someone asks you a question, you can talk about the topic with some sense of direction… but if you just have to start from nothing and expound on some random topic, it’s going to be painful (for everyone).

Working on your portfolio – or writing for clients already? Stuck staring at a blank screen? Why suffer?

Writer's BlockBeat Writer’s Block For Good

Here’s my team’s secret weapon for getting a workable angle – or maybe even all-out inspiration – for the next article or blog you write:

Headline Generators

There are a few, but they all work about the same way. You plug in your topic or a keyword, push a button, and out pops a nice list of title possibilities. Some will reek. Some will make you giggle. Some will make you make ‘that’ face. But some will be really good – or they’ll spark a flash of inspiration that makes your muse let go of the exquisitely perfect title she’s been hoarding.

Here are six of the go-to title generators we use all the time:


(Note: Sometimes the tools are free; sometimes they’re limited unless you upgrade… no idea why it varies.)

Sometimes all we need is a little nudge in the right direction, a little priming of the pump – and then the words just flow. Maybe your muse just needs a little head start. Nothing wrong with that!

Give them a try the next time you’re struggling with writer’s block… or better yet, before you struggle. It’s actually kind of fun to play with these tools, and you might come up with your next killer blog title.

Does that help? You’ll find more tools and tips like this in Freelance Writers Bootcamp. Check it out.