Should I Quit My Job… Like NOW?

If you’re debating quitting your job to become a freelance writer, the moment you start to realize that YES, this is a viable, feasible option for earning a living, you might get trigger happy. While I’m all for you going for it, making a bold stand, and taking massive action to create the kind of life you crave… I also know what happens to many people when they suddenly feel the weight of a massive decision like that without being prepared.

You’ve got some preparing to do, some learning, some building of this life raft BEFORE you pull the plug on your ‘real job’… if you still have one. If you don’t step smart, you can find your back bowing under pressure you didn’t need to face. If you’re strategic with making the leap, you can do it without the kind of stress that sucks the life out of you.

Now, if you’ve been downsized, are retired, or are looking at starting a freelance writing business as a way to supplement your family’s income while you stay home with the kids, it’s another story – you don’t have a ‘real job’ to leave.

Here’s a quick run-through of some important questions you’ll want to ask yourself as you make your decision.

Ask These Five Questions Before You Decide To Quit Your Job

Quitting a job has both professional and personal consequences. There a lot of things that you must keep in mind before taking this decision such as savings and further job openings and opportunities. Leaving a company can have a psychologically adverse effect. You may have to face financial and social hardships.
Ask these five questions to yourself before quitting your job –

1. Why do you want to quit the job?
Is there a better opportunity or work profile? Is the current job frustrating? Take all the factors into account and decide whether it’s worth it or not.

2. Are you quitting simply because you’re bored?
Have you tried all the possible ways to stay back? There may be possible growth opportunities that you haven’t figured out yet. Do SWOT (Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, Threats) analysis and then decide your course of action.

3. What are you expecting?
There may be a gap between your expectations and the reality. You may want to change your job owing to your likings. Your current work profile may not be very exciting and so your life has become monotonous, if this is the case, then you may consider switching your job.

4. You may be sure of leaving the job, but do you have a plan?

This is extremely important. You have to have a plan or a roadmap. Is there any job offer awaiting or have you applied for a few openings? This should form the basis of your decision. Also, you should be financially secure for at least a year; in case things don’t go your way. So, plan well before you take this decision.

5. What if you hold on to your current job?
Think afresh, leaving all the anxiety away. Work out the benefits you get here, which you may lose out on if you quit. And lastly, will leaving this post make you happy?
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