When Jason Hartman Asks…

Back in 2012, the brilliant Jason Hartman interviewed me for his podcast, Speaking of Wealth. Here’s the interview.

So, when Jason Hartman’s people called me back in 2012, I remember thinking some day wouldn’t it be cool to have PEOPLE?! They said he wanted to interview me for his podcast. I also had the thought that having a podcast would be pretty exciting (still thinking about that sometimes).

Anyway, he wanted to talk about my ‘old’ book, Working Writer, Happy Writer: How to Build a Thriving Writing Business from NOTHING. 

Anytime someone wants to interview me on a podcast, there’s this two-pronged response that happens immediately:

Yeah, baby!!!! A podcast!


Wait. That sounds awfully people-y.

Even though I know the moments before we start recording are going to be pretty much terrifying, I also know that it’s going to be fun once the host hits the “GO” button, especially if the host has a great personality. Sure, I’ll pace during the whole call because it’s too hard to sit still with that much energy buzzing around in me, looking for an exit. Sure, my dogs will probably bark at some point. Sure, I’ll probably trip over some words. (FACT: I am far more charming in writing than I am in person or speech.) Still, being interviewed on someone’s podcast is a weird kind of fun.

Speaking of weird, here’s a gem I pulled from the transcript Jason’s team created from the show:

Jason Hartman: I just want to ask you because you have said something kind of interesting, and may be very telling you use the phrase normal writers. What is the normal writer that doesn’t think about this stuff? What do you mean by that?

Sue LaPointe: Well, a normal writer probably has a degree in English, and enjoys writing things that could be possibly considered literature [laughter]. You know a little element of snob factor which I love. I mean I love to read, I love fiction, any kind of book. I just love to read, and this is nothing like that. This is not glamorous, sexy, highbrow, academic; there is no Pulitzer anywhere to be found. So I kind of referred that other type of writing is normal writers is something that an average person is going to want to sit down and read, and this has nothing to do with that.

Yeah, I laughed at my own joke. Why not? I keep telling people, I am HILARIOUS! (and adorable, but that’s another matter for another time).

Anyhow, if you’d like to check out the podcast, here’s the link.

If you think I’d be a good fit for someone else’s podcast, make an introduction! I’ll probably send you some bacon if you do.