How to Start My Business Website… Without Sheer and Total Agony

That moment when you BREAK a 25 million dollar product… yeah. If you’re asking about how to start my business website, you might feel completely lost and overwhelmed – and scared that you’ll break your site if you try to work on it yourself.

So, I want to tell you a little story. It won’t make you feel much better at first. Sorry.

For a while, about half of my writing income was tied into one BIG client. His company taught people how to go full-time online in Internet marketing – very cool success stories there.

I was doing so much work for that company that eventually it made sense to become a full-time employee there (keeping my freelance business humming on the side) – and it was working…

Until the day came when I broke his $25 MILLION dollar product.


Good times.

Honestly, I’m still not 100% sure what happened. I was helping to create the 2.0 version of his course, and the launch was coming up fast and furious.

I was supposed to go into the course’s WordPress files and add the text part of the course… in like 34 lessons. There were videos in there, too, but I didn’t have to do anything to them.

But I did.

Like Macaulay Culkin… “I made [my boss’ course] disappear!” [insert shocked face with cheek grasp]

Let me tell you… my first reaction was to go into the witness protection program. I did NOT want to have to make the phone call I knew I needed to make.

“Hey, Kevin… I screwed up. BIG time.”

Instant liquified insides.

Much to his credit, he didn’t freak out (even though I sure did). He just put me in touch with the tech guy, and I found out how to fix it.

Making the mistake took about six hours (I didn’t know to check my work before I continued… rookie mistake).

Fixing it took about 37 HOURS…

… and I never lived it down! Everyone ribbed me for years – and probably would still remember and harass me a bit even now.

Why am I telling you this horror story?

You’re probably not going to make a mistake of that magnitude.

But you might FEEL like you could… especially if your client asks you to pop the hood and work on a WordPress site.

See, one great way to increase your income as a freelance writer is to handle the ‘posting’ tasks for your clients, too.

That means you pop the hood on their website, then install the content you’ve written. You could post their web pages or their blog posts… a huge time-saver for clients (value added service!).

Clients LOVE getting this kind of end-to-end service. They’ll start getting the benefits of your writing right away, without having to make time to load the content themselves.

Of course…

You’ve got to KNOW what you’re doing in WordPress. But if you do, you can charge more for your services – and you’ll separate yourself from the pack of lesser-skilled freelancers.

It’s a pretty smart move as you build your writing business…

It’s like rather than selling the INGREDIENTS to make a pizza, delivering one that’s already made… steaming hot, cheesy, with  crispy, doughy crust, tangy sauce, and just the right amount of grease so it dribbles out through the edge and down your elbow.

Your clients will eat it up!

Anytime you can deliver a completely “Done For You” (DFY) service, where your client doesn’t have to do anything much to start using it to make money, you’re onto a winner.

But you could apply this same principle of DFY content services to loads of other projects: press release distribution, ebook publishing, article placement, book publishing, and others.

These skills aren’t hard – getting good at them just takes a little bit of training and practice.

===> You could start by building your OWN WordPress site.

What I’ve found is that the more useful I can be to clients, the more they get practically addicted to my services.

Bet you can do that, too.

KICK it today, okay? You’ve got this!



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