How to Make Money Writing Books that ONLY YOU Can Write

How to Make Money Writing Books

There we were, sopping wet, scrambling to find $10 for a warm-ish hotdog and a cup of off-brand soda… and we were happy.

I want to talk with you a bit about how to make money writing books – books only you can write.

Close your eyes for a moment and count up (fingers are OK!) the hardest situations you’ve gone through.

Family member’s suicide attempts
Loss of loved ones
Child’s eating disorder
Lack of direction
Business failures
Health scares

Been there. Done that. Have all the t-shirts.

One of my favorite sayings is, “Knock down seven times; get up eight” – and for a reason. Life can be HARSH – and yet most of us have this resilience inside that brings us back up to the surface, like a bobber on a fishing pole.

We sometimes find ourselves in situations WAY above our pay grade, anguished and helpless feeling, clueless about what to do or say, and sometimes without anyone who can really understand enough to steer us in the right direction. 

We go looking for advice and insight. More than once, as I’ve gone through this stuff, I’ve used Google like a Magic 8 Ball – and Siri, too. Just as sort of a release – or to hear the problem spoken out loud… and in the hopes of finding answers.

You, too?

People all around you are hurting, desperate to find answers, actively searching for someone who could help them get perspective and maybe some advice and understanding.

Because you’re a writer, I’d bet that ANYTHING you’ve gone through, you’ve pulled some lessons from. You probably even journaled. You may have even coached someone else through the same situation since then.

Hold that thought a second.

We’re going to switch the scene to the Delaware River in Bucks County, Pennsylvania. 

It’s a HOT and humid summer day, but my group of friends barely feels it. We’re tubing down the river, butts and legs a few inches under the water – except when we hit “rapids” (not even! but a bit of faster-flowing water).

We are baking in the sun, splashing ourselves to stay cool, enjoying going where the river takes us. It’s relaxing. We even see an eagle take flight downstream from us.

But we’re getting hungry. It’s not like you can really bring food with you on a tubing excursion, after all.

How to Make Money Writing Books

Then we see it. There’s this little island right in the middle of the river. And there’s a guy with a camping stove who’s set up shop there. 

He’s got a little sign on his makeshift counter: “Hotdog & Soda $10”. 

In a stack next to his setup, you can see a bunch of 2-litre bottles of “Cola” and their price tags (79 cents) – and some 12 oz. Dixie cups.

Gouging? Yeah, a bit. But we dug through our little waterproof key holder thingies to dig out money for this feast. Being on the water and in the sun gives you an appetite! It was worth every penny.

We WANTED what he was offering. Heck, we NEEDED what he was offering.

Back to all those tough times you’ve made it through… if you could have found a book written by someone who’d trod that path ahead of you, wouldn’t you have devoured it?

To me, the silver lining of the darkest clouds I’ve ever lived under has always been what I learned in the process… and especially being able to help someone else who’s going through it, too.

That’s why I REALLY want you to write “that” book. 

You know, the one you’ve had rattling around in your mind for so long. The one you know could help some complete stranger somewhere to get through a tough time.

Your book doesn’t have to be perfect. It doesn’t have to be revolutionary in its niche. It doesn’t have to sell a million copies. But it does have a job to do – and it can’t do it until you write it.

At WWHW, we talk mostly about writing for clients – and clients are lovely. But I’d also encourage you to learn how to write and publish your own books. There’s NOTHING quite like the feeling of writing your own book and putting it out there.

The world is waiting for your story and advice. OK, maybe not the whole world – but WAY more people than you’d ever imagine, who are desperate to find out they’re not alone in what they’re going through… and who would gladly pay for any advice you can share.

There’s a reason you’ve been given the ability to write – and maybe this is a big part of your purpose.

They WANT your input. They NEED your book.

You’ve got this. If you need help learning how to write and publish profitably, this is my favorite course.

Think learning how to make money writing books is a pipe dream? Check out this story. 

26-year-old becomes millionaire self-publishing on Kindle Store

The best-selling independent author on the Amazon Kindle store is reportedly pulling-in $2m (£1.2m) a year by self-publishing her books.

26-year-old Amanda Hockling, who does not have a major publishing deal, is able to take home 70 per cent of the sale-price from her books, with Amazon taking a 30 per cent cut from each sale.

Hockling is selling 100,000 copies of her books per month and sells full-length novels and novellas for between 99 cents and $2.99 and produces new content on a regular basis to ensure high turnover.

Bye, Publishers

Self-publishing in ebook format is fast-becoming the best option for authors who haven’t had their work picked up by traditional publishing houses.

For the author, it maximises the potential revenue by cutting out a few of the many middle men who take a piece of the action, but also means the author has to be self-reliant in terms of promoting the work.

Miss Hockling, from Austin, Minnesota, also publishes her books on the iBooks Store and for the Barnes & Noble Nook. Her most successful work is the Trylle trilogy with each of the full-length titles available to download from the Kindle Store for just $2.99 a pop.

Beware traditional publishers, your days could be numbered…

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