If you’re asking, “How much money can I make freelance writing?” it’s time to have kind of a weird conversation.

It’s time to get a little personal, to talk about what might be the longest relationship you’ll have in your whole life!

Money’s weird. Really – this piece of cottony paper, imprinted with numbers, words, images, colors, and symbols is vital to life because of what it represents. With it we feed our families and support our communities – a trade of value.

I see that whole question about how much money can I make freelance writing a lot online, so I asked a question on the WWHW Facebook page recently to get a feel for where people are in the money mindset development department:

In a few words, how would you describe your relationship with money?

Some of the answers cracked me up:
“High maintenance, but worth it.”
“I love money. I hate money. I love money. I hate money.”

I used to have what they call a zero-sum view of money… if I had some, that meant someone had none – like it was a slice of pie.

It wasn’t really a conscious thought, but it didn’t have to be… and that stance impacted my life and my family big time.

You see, when I was young, I was totally cool with barely scraping by… working my butt off for peanuts.

Of course, it was a whole lot less cool once I had kids and realized I wasn’t going to be able to stay home with them, because both my ex and I had chosen careers that paid next to nothing. (Ouch. Didn’t expect to feel so much writing that.)

I had a LOT of money issues. I’d grown up never knowing what my parents made, but that we seemed right about like everyone else we knew.

My uncle made a ton of money as an attorney, and my brother and I thought his kids were totally spoiled. That sort of colored my view of wealthy people. I didn’t like the way I felt around them… a little grovely, yet also critical.

Honestly, there was this weird, deep-seated and silent wish in my heart that somehow, magically, I’d get all the money we needed. Ever had that?

The whole concept of money felt… uncomfortable.

My former sister-in-law kept raving about this book – Secrets of the Millionaire Mind. (I’m not sure how she’d come across it – and her young family was in pretty much the same boat as mine.)

I bought it, and kind of hid it. I had some people close to me who would be  highly skeptical of, well, anything in personal development or anything remotely woo-woo.

As soon as I started reading, it felt like I’d walked out of a deep, dark cave into blazing sunshine. No joke.

Every page held so many A-HA! moments that it felt like new, healthy ideas were constantly clicking into place for me.

I started noticing how my thoughts about money were shifting, getting healthy. That zero-sum idea was GONE…

Now I saw that in that pie analogy, the idea was to make a bigger pie rather than to subsist on the smallest sliver that would sustain life. 

Your Money Mindset Impacts What You Get Paid to Write

Mind. Blown.

My business began to explode – mostly because I’d started thinking… BIGGER (like, how can we build a really big pie for many, many people to eat?).

I recommended the book to mastermind students, and they were blown away, too.

My dog-eared, inked up copy has been well loved and often re-read. What I learned has helped me build my business, feed my family, and create opportunities for dozens of freelancers to get paid to write (and feed their families).

Think I’m a FAN? 🙂

If I could, I’d make it required reading. The reason is, the way we think about money has a HUGE impact on our lives, on our liberty, on our ability to provide for our loved ones, and on how much we can help others.

If your money mindset isn’t working FOR you, it’s holding you back and making your business and life harder, limiting what you create.

Long before you were in the workforce, your ideas about money were with you… and that relationship with money will last until your last breath.

If you get this book, I’d love to hear your thoughts on what you read (and yeah, Amazon will send me some bacon money).

===> I think you’ll LOVE this.

So, what’s YOUR answer to the old, “How much money can I make freelance writing?”

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