How Can I Quit My Job and Work from Anywhere I Want?

Maybe you’re wondering, “How can I quit my job and…” and that and is followed by your dreams for traveling, staying home with your kids, working in a creative field where you can use your writing talents… or even just doing neat stuff like eating and living indoors. I’m going to tell you about a resource you MAY want… or maybe not.

How Can I Quit My JobWord to the wise – redeye flights are not for the nearly-50 crowd. It took me a good three days to recover from flying all night.

“Mom, you’ve been asleep in the MIDDLE OF THE DAY for hours!” my son noticed. I think he was about to hold a mirror under my nostrils to check for signs of life.

He doesn’t understand. He’s 19 and has virtually endless energy – whether he uses is during the daylight or into the wee hours.

My daughter and I had a wonderful time vacationing in Portland. We ate delicious food, saw some good movies, watched the weirdness, and of course – ate Voodoo Donuts.

We also had MOSTLY great weather… other than the one day when we got wetter than the time we had front row seats at the Shamu show at Sea World.

On that day, we walked out of a shop to discover it was now pouring BUCKETS. Our umbrellas blew inside-out. We got drenched.

My only hope was to somehow keep my sneakers from getting soaked. So I did some rather AWKWARD ballet-ish moves – hurdling over puddles.

We’d cross streets with veritable rivers running alongside the curbs – often behind cars that were waiting to turn. The drivers would watch us plot our course – the highest, driest spot before the puddle was the launch pad… and HOPEFULLY the leap would be successful, and we’d land on another relatively high spot.

Except that just as often, we’d land in the puddles we were trying to avoid.

Driver in that dark green Subaru Outback… I saw you laughing. I don’t blame you, but I did see you!

How Can I Quit My JobEveryone’s dodged raindrops and puddles before… so WHY am I  telling you this story?

Because I want this for you.

Not the wet shoes part. Not the redeye part.

The part where you simply decide you want to go somewhere neat, and you go. You don’t ask permission. You don’t beg for vacation days. You don’t worry about being canned while you’re out of the office. You just GO… because you’re your own boss and you’ve answered the “how can I quit my job and…” question.

If you’re working a “real job” and looking at freelance writing as your exit strategy, I want to help you as much as possible. You’re about to leap over more than a puddle – it’s more like flinging yourself over a gushing torrent of a river with a steep drop on the other side.

If you’re debating quitting your job, you’re probably scared… and you should be – especially if you’re responsible for feeding and housing people you love.

But that shouldn’t keep you glued to where you are now. You can make this leap carefully, with sanity intact.

I don’t know if you know “Buck Flogging” – you probably do if you’re a member of Goodriter. Buck’s CRUDE. He drops F-bombs, makes sex jokes, and makes Seth Rogen look like a choirboy… but he’s pretty smart.

If that kind of crudeness either doesn’t bother you – or you can look past it… and you want to quit your job this year, you’ll want to grab his three books about how to do it without putting yourself at RISK so much. They’re FREE with my link:

===> Get them now.

I just re-read the first book and picked up some more juicy tidbits I’d not seen before. Not everything he talks about really applies to freelance writers – but so many of his ideas would work BEAUTIFULLY for us.

Serious about the language – to me it was worth “eating the meat and spitting out the bones” in order to get the good stuff… but if it bothers you, you do not want to read anything by Buck.

Let me know what you think if you get the free books, okay? What else goes through your head as you ask yourself, “How can I quit my job?”

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