Freelance Writers Bootcamp

 Freelance Writers Bootcamp 
YES! I’m ready to LAND great clients for my writing business. I’m excited to know EXACTLY how to write the ten content marketing projects they’re most likely going to want to order from me. I can’t WAIT to get the confidence that comes from knowing exactly WHAT to write, HOW to write it, WHAT I could charge for it, WHO needs these content projects most, and HOW to sell these services so I can begin using my writing talents to make money… from anywhere, anytime.

Here’s What You’re Getting: The full-fledged, step-by-step, fully supported FREELANCE WRITERS BOOTCAMP.

In Freelance Writers Bootcamp you will…

G3-ArrowWRITE AND DELIVER WITH COMPLETE CONFIDENCE: You’ll learn how to write the ten most common projects clients are likely to order… exactly the way they’re expecting you to deliver. Forget about that moment of panic when you realize that now that you’ve GOT the project, now you have to figure out how to DO the project! You’ll know EXACTLY what to do, including what questions to ask, how you should structure the pieces you write, and how to deliver in a way that makes sure your clients are THRILLED with your work.

G3-ArrowGET HONEST FEEDBACK ON YOUR WORK: It’s hard to know whether you’re doing it RIGHT! You sure don’t want your client’s eyeballs to be the first to review your work – that’s nerve-wracking. Instead, for each of the ten pieces of content you’re learning to create in Bootcamp, you’ll get HONEST FEEDBACK, with comments and edit suggestions, so you can learn hands-on, improve your skills, and KNOW that you’ve got the goods.

G3-ArrowHAVE THE SUPPORT AND ENCOURAGEMENT YOU NEED: Chances are, nobody in your “real life” is a freelance business writer. That means it can be tough to get advice, support, and encouragement as you build your own business. As a member of Freelance Writers Bootcamp, you’ll have access to a secret members-only Facebook group, where we share writing samples, discuss pricing, help each other when we have too much client work, get advice, and root each other on.

G3-ArrowA SHOT AT JOINING MY WRITING TEAM: I am on the hunt for new talent to add to my team of freelance writers and editors. That’s one of the primary reasons I built Freelance Writers Bootcamp – so I could teach good writers exactly how to write the projects my firm handles on a regular basis, writing just the way my clients want it done. You see, my team of writers is growing all the time – and sometimes we’re painfully close to capacity, which is definitely a mixed blessing. There MAY be a place on the team for you. 

Freelance Writers Bootcamp BONUSES

BONUS 1:  FREE access to upcoming workshops. As a member of Freelance Writers Bootcamp, you get a reserved seat for every workshop from here on out. One of the most recent was the Newsletter Biz-In-A-Box. We’ve also had workshops on finding niches, zeroing in on your first client, and how to do affiliate marketing while you build your portfolio.

BONUS 2: My “NOTHING SLIPS THROUGH THE CRACKS” tracking spreadsheet that you can use to keep track of your marketing process, no matter which client-getting tactic you’re using. You’ll get a crystal-clear look at what you’re doing to market your services every day – and what’s working best for you.

You want in? Now is the time to take action.

Go grab Freelance Writers Bootcamp. And of course, we’ve got the 30-day no-questions-asked money back guarantee through Teachable (the host for my course).

For the time being, there’s even a payment plan available. (Email me at for details.)

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