Do You Get Paid for Freelance Writing? Only When I Actually INVOICE My Clients!

Have I mentioned how much I hate doing math? (Only about a hundred times) … and yet, I absolutely adore getting notifications from Paypal that I just got paid.

That Paypal loveliness only happens when I send my clients invoices – so you’d think that would be enough to overcome my aversion to doing the math that’s needed for invoicing. But you’d be wrong – sometimes. here have been times I’ve let

Most of the time, I get paid upfront, which is cool – unless I procrastinate too long to invoice the client, and then have to do the work first in order to stay on track for time. And THEN I get to face the math I’d hoped to avoid.

Oh, and then there are the times I’ve had clients respond to my invoice pointing out my math errors. We kind of laugh about how it’s a good thing I specialize in words rather than numbers (but it’s still embarrassing).

I don’t even want to talk about the countless HOURS I’ve spent in the past trying to figure out numbers for the 1099s I need to send my writers – or the hours spent weeping as I toil over preparing my tax information to send to Norman.

That torture ended with 2016, when I found Xero.

I can’t recommend it enough – whether you like doing your books or not. Whether you like math or hate it like poison.

Here’s my affiliate link if you’d like to get a free trial.

Here’s a great little list of excellent reasons to use Xero. (I learned about #3 from this article, and will definitely use it!) If you start using this super-easy cloud-based software, when someone asks, “Do you get paid for freelance writing?” You’ll be able to say, “YES! And it’s EASY.”

1. Work where and when you want to

Whether you want to use your smartphone or tablet, or your PC or Mac, Xero lets you keep on top of your business finances wherever you are. Xero also works hard to ensure you – and anyone else who needs to access your finances – are working off the same data, wherever you are, whenever you want.

2. Improve cash flow and get paid faster

Every business needs to get paid, and Xero equips small businesses with tools you can use to get paid faster.

Go beyond “traditional” printed invoices and start using online invoices. Rather than send your customers a PDF file – or, worse, a printed document – you can send them an online invoice. The advantages? Not only is it faster, you can also see whether they’ve opened it, and they have the ability to pay you online through your invoice. The faster the process, the faster you get paid.

3. Let Xero do the heavy lifting while you sleep

Smart software should be easy to use and also work behind the scenes to help you save time. Let Xero perform those tedious, repetitive tasks that take you away from doing the things that can add more value to your business.

If you use invoicing, then Xero’s automated Invoice Reminders can do the chasing for you. If your customers take a while to pay you, or you are spending hours chasing overdue invoices, then Invoice Reminders is a must-have. It will automatically send an email to your customers if an invoice is overdue (or about to become due).

And if you’re an advisor, then Find & Recode could save you hours. It’s easier than ever to find your way through a client’s records and then update those records en masse. Hundreds of records to update? Find & Recode will save you hundreds of minutes.

4. Collaborate with your advisors

We call it the Single Ledger, but think of it as the single set of data that both you and your advisor can work from. This means you’re both seeing the same set of data at the same time.

This saves you from having to export data and send it to your advisor – as soon as you sent it, it’s likely out of date. And as an advisor it saves you the trouble of importing the data into another solution, which not only means you may not be working off the latest information but, because it’s often unwieldy to do, then any problems in a client’s business may not be discovered for months.

What’s more, you’re free to invite your advisors into your file at no additional cost – we make it easier than ever to collaborate with those who matter.

5. Xero grows with you

Whether you’re just setting up your business, or you already use multiple systems, Xero’s ecosystem can help you. Xero works with more than 500 products so you can craft a solution that meets your needs.

Whether it’s integrating with your email (Xero integrates with Gmail and Office 365) or you want to use specialized systems – such as customer relationship management, inventory or industry-specific solutions (such as Vend or Shopify), then Xero’s add-on marketplace gives you the flexibility to create a mix that meets your business’s specific needs.

If you’ve yet to try Xero, you can easily sign up for a free 30 day trial. And if you’re a current Xero user, why not take the time to reflect on how you use Xero and explore our range of videos and courses to get the most out of it!

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