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No paid writing experience? No client list? No English degree? NOT going to make cold calls? No problem.

The demand for good freelance writers is growing every day. There's never been a better time to learn how to start freelance writing and get started building your own business - on the side, or as your full-time income.

However, there is one thing you MUST have... CLIENTS!
(and not the sucky kind!)

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Read, learn, and DO! Starting your freelance writing business is simple when you understand your first step... and the next. I've been teaching writers how to get started for nearly a decade - and I'll teach you, too!

3 Ways to Get Started as a Freelance Writer

1. Get the BookWorking Writer Happy Writer

You Write, They Pay

Available on Amazon and Kindle

Check out You Write, They Pay, my tried and true guide for building a thriving writing business from nothing. You'll get the tools you need to get your writing career going and the money rolling in now. You’ll learn: how to approach projects when you don’t think you know anything about the topic, how to get paid, how to get good clients (who pay you well!), and how to find work when you’re just starting out. Learn how to make your writing dreams a reality today.

2. Enroll in the Course

Working Writer, Happy Writer Home Study Course

This step-by-step course takes you by the hand and shows you exactly what you need to do to land clients you’ll love, writing projects they’re desperate to hire out.

You’ll learn what kind of client might be best for you, what kinds of writing they need (and why they're eager to pay you to do it for them), three easy ways to attract ideal clients, how to build your portfolio, how to set prices, how to get your website started, and how to make money writing with NO clients at all!

Plus, a TON of secret bonuses - the same goodies I send my writing team and writer friends.

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3. Dive in Deep in Bootcamp

Freelance Writers Bootcamp and Bootcamp PLUS

Once you know how to get clients, if you don’t have a background in freelance writing for business, you’re going to want to learn how to DO the projects your clients are most likely to ask you to write for them.

That’s what Freelance Writers Bootcamp is all about. I’ll share everything I know about how to pitch, price, plan, and do the ten most frequently ordered writing projects that my own firm does. You’ll learn all you need to know to do it like we do – which is at the very least, a solid starting point.

Learn how to do these ten projects, and you’ll have enough know-how to build a thriving writing business even if you never learn another type of project. Plus, you’ll find it a whole lot easier to market your services, because you won’t have that dueling set of voices going: “I hope I get the gig!” vs. “Oh no! What if I get the gig?!”

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You Write, They Pay Book

Find out why NOW is the best time to get started on your freelance writing business. Learn how to find clients who are eager to pay you for your writing talent. All you need to know to get your start right now.

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What You'll Learn about How to Freelance Write Your Way to a Great Business

It's a new era in freelance writing, and it's NEVER been a better time to get started with your own freelance writing business. A few years ago, you might have had to twist some arms to get business owners to hire you. Some were hoping this whole "Internet Thing" was just a fad that would go away. Used to be they'd ask, "What is freelance writing?" Not anymore! Now, not only do the know they need to build an online presence... they know they need a freelance writer's help. 

Erase Your Fears
You don't have to have a background in Journalism, a degree in Marketing or English, or any paid writing experience at all. If you've been around long enough to know a thing or two about life, and you LOVE to write (and especially, if you can write conversationally!) you have the makings of a lucrative freelance writing business.
Get Your First Writing Clients
Forget expensive advertising or cold calling (horrors!) - your first freelance writing clients are looking for YOU right now! You'll discover three hot sources of freelance writing projects... choose the one that suits your background and personality best, and go get 'em!
Get Paid to Write
Discover the most frequently ordered freelance writing projects, what your clients really want, and even get some guidance on what to charge for your services. Plus, get the truth about developing a specialty (and commanding MUCH higher fees).

Overview of You Write, They Pay

In life and business, there's always a hard way and an easy way to reach your goals. They say you're smart if you learn from your mistakes... but aren't you even smarter if you learn from other people's mistakes?

You Write, They Pay lays it all out there and shows you what you need to do to become a well-paid freelance writer. It's not hard to get paid to write, as long as you've got some practical advice to help you get started.

Chapter One

What IS This Business?

What the heck is a freelance writer, anyway? Is now a good time to get started - or did I miss this boat already? Why would business owners pay me to write for them? What kind of writing skills and style do I need?

Chapter Two

The Truth about Niches

You only need to be a freelancer for about three minutes before someone will tell you, "You need a niche!" (or else you'll die penniless - or so they might have you believe). And they're right... sort of. You're going to learn all you need to know about finding a niche, writing about topics you don't know anything about, and even turning your "I haven't got a clue about ______ (your client's industry)" into a selling point!

Chapter Three

Clients Want to Pay Me to Write WHAT?

You might be surprised by how much money you can make just by learning to write a handful of different types of content for your clients. You don't have to know how to write EVERYTHING! Just these few basic projects.

Chapter Four

The Best and Worst Way to Get Started

Sometimes getting started is the biggest hurdle. It's like that with freelance writing - especially if you're still working at another job, or if you'd rather walk barefoot over a bed of Legos than talk with a business owner in person (or on the phone). Not to worry. You'll learn how to find your first writing gigs in a way that sets you up for a long-term win.

Chapter Five

Become the Secret Sauce

Wish you could have a steady stream of paid writing projects without having to go FIND them yourself? And what if you could spend all your work time writing instead of managing clients? You'll learn how in this chapter - and believe me, this is a VERY popular option.

Chapter Six

Direct Is Delicious

Discover how to land the absolute BEST clients. They pay well. They want you all to themselves. They treat you like a heaven-sent genius angel... because every word you write makes them money.

Chapter Seven

Look Mom, No Clients!

The holy grail of freelance writing. You should start doing THIS right away, especially if you have dreams of writing a novel, traveling the world, or just doing whatever you want with your time.

Chapter Eight

Nuts and Bolts

Every question that's run through your mind so far as you've been reading... the answer's probably in here. If not, you'll learn how to get an answer. This chapter details all the practical matters involved in building a freelance writing business.

Get Started Now For Just $8.99 Purchase You Write, They Pay

The Testimonials

Many freelance writers have gotten their start using what they learned from
You Write, They Pay
Will you be next?

Ed Gandia

“Even today, it's challenging to find practical advice on how to get started as a freelance writer—advice that's grounded on reality, is based on the current outsourcing landscape and is focused on the best available success paths. That's what I love about You Write, They Pay. In this book, Susan Anderson details what's actually working today in the world of freelance writing. It's based on reality, not some theoretical or outdated scenario. And her advice is clear, sound and simple, which makes it easier to consume and implement. I also respect the fact that Susan has "been there, done that." She endured enough struggle as a budding freelancer to remember what it was like to start from scratch—the mistakes, self-doubt, confusion and fear. Plus, the fact that she still works closely with new writers keeps her grounded and in touch with her readers. And as you'll soon discover, Susan is a great teacher. She's done a masterful job of taking a big, complex topic and distilling it into actionable steps anyone can follow. And she's done it with a friendly and encouraging tone (and a good dose of humor!). Study this material. But above all, apply it diligently. It will work if you work it.”

Marsi Meli

The urge to underline and festoon it with multi-colored sticky notes was intense. I enjoyed how the book was very conversational. While finishing a chapter a question would come up and the next chapter would answer it, great flow. Often when you read a book that is introducing you to a subject it can be a bit dry and any interest or desire to learn can pretty much be sucked out of you. The writing stayed light, to the point, and encouraging.

Brittany Marshall

Susan traverses the scary spaces of being an entrepreneur. She has invaluable advice and experience to share. All small business owners should definitely invest in this nugget of knowledge and powerful information.

Lynda Fleming

I took the Working Writer, Happy Writer class from Sue. She's a gal who really knows her stuff, and she thoroughly believes we all have it in us to get paid for writing. She has the ability to bring out the best in those she mentors. I love her dedication to the art of writing, to encouraging others, and her inspiring sense of humor!

Kathleen Campbell

This book is an excellent resource for anyone trying to navigate the world of freelance writing. Sue shares her life experiences and demonstrates that it is a occupation that doesn't have to be just a dream. She teaches you how you can make it a reality. I have worked with Sue, she is definitely a great mentor and expert in the field of freelance writing.

Hilary Dennis Ferrand

In You Write, They Pay, Susan Anderson lays out a solid path for new writers to take on their way to becoming successful freelance business writers. She provides a number of types of writing you can do, as well as where and how to find new clients. As a 16 yr veteran, I was surprised to find plenty of new advice, and it works! I put one of her points to test, and wound up landing a new client right away. This is an excellent read for beginners or for people with established freelance businesses who may need to update their policies.

Teresa Hall Kuhl

If you are looking for your go-to book that will show you how to start your own freelance writing business, you just found it. Sue has taken the steps she used to build her own freelancing business and put them in a fun, easy to read manual for the rest of us. I implemented the ideas in Sue's book and started my own freelance business- step by step. It's fun, it's practical, it's on point-- really, it's the one you need! Loved it!

About The Author

Susan splits her time between Huntsville, Alabama and the Tri Cities area of Eastern Tennessee. Mom to two teens and small ark’s worth of animals, she counts walking on fire and breaking a wooden arrow with her throat as piece-of-cake kinds of accomplishments in comparison. If she’s not writing, she’s probably taking a long walk with the love of her life, trying to convince her chickens to weed the garden, or wiping drool off of her 1959 Volkswagen Beetle Ragtop, Miss Mabel (built by said love of her life).

Susan Anderson

Susan Anderson started Triumph Communications in 2005 upon realizing this Internet thing was here to stay and that there sure was a lot of horrid content already clogging it up. She started off as a solo writer, creating so much highly-rated content for clients that she rose to the top spot on Guru. 

That was enough to build some confidence and credibility, and she decided Triumph should serve more and better clients… and that she couldn’t do it alone. Switching to an agency model made bigger wins possible – for the clients and the writers. Of course, now the hitch was finding great writers to add to the team.

Seemed like the next logical step was to create a course to show others who love to write how to get paid for their words. Two birds, one stone! Her Working Writer, Happy Writer book and course has trained hundreds of freelance writers how to build businesses of their own… and some of those students have become part of the Triumph team in the process.

Even though she’s a bit of a hermit, she’s enjoyed presenting online and in-person training on freelance writing as part of Eben Pagan’s Traffic School and Ignition programs, Coffee Shop Millionaire, and was even flown to Fiji to teach there.

Whether you're retired, entrepreneurial at heart, traveling the world, home with kids, or just love to write, YOU can become a successful freelance writer. 

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